Hello World!!!

Here’s a new blog! Yay you say?

Why? Well, I’m in the process of "becoming" a DoP – Director of Photography or Cinematographer.

I’ve been working seriously for about six years now on the craft and I’m always coming by "things" that either teach me or help me to become a better DoP.

In this blog I will:

  • Share links to great film making educational material – why reinvent the wheel when there are so many people sharing ideas?
  • Share links to equipment and equipment reviews
  • Share links to my work, things I’ve done over the years

That’s enough for now. Although I hope this blog is useful to other people, the first priority is so that I will have a place to mark "things" that I’ve learned, "things" that I want to buy one day, "things" that will help me on my journey to becoming a better cinematographer.


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