This Week’s "Things" – Week of 1/12/2015


What is this Thing: Directing Advice
Things Type: Directing – Four Common Mistakes
Notes: Four common mistakes made by directors.

What is this Thing: Directing Advice
Things Type: Directing – Talk from David Fincher
Notes: Great quote “Don’t fall victim to other people’s laziness”. He goes on to say being a jack-of-all-trades and knowing your way around all phases, roles, and tools of film production is going to not only make you an asset on-set, but it’s going to keep you independent and free to create the films that you want to create, because you can rely on your own knowledge and skill to get things done.

What is this Thing: Directing Advice
Things Type: Directing – Michael Bay Talks Michael Bay
Notes: Gawd, I hate this video? Why? Low budget Directors will hear things and see things on the video and think “this is the way to do it.” and then argue that it’s ok for low budget filmmaking. Bay gets a lot of heat for his style. Who cares, his “action” movies are some of the best out there. He and his crew know how to immerse an audience into the movie and reality simply disappears for two hours.


What is this Thing: Character Review – The Protagonist
Things Type: Writing – Educational
Notes: All great scripts are driven by characters. In this five article series Michael Tabb goes through each character type. This article covers The Protagonist.

Editing & Post Production

What is this Thing: Tutorial – Export Settings for Delivering Your Project
Things Type: Post Production
Notes: David Kong goes step by step through the process of exporting your video project using Adobe Media Encoder for final delivery.

What is this Thing: Tutorial – Everything You Need to Know About Codecs
Things Type: Post Production
Notes: David Kong goes deep in this tutorial and really gives solid information on all you ever wanted to know about codecs. He covers:

  • What a codec is – And how it differs from a container.
  • Different types of codecs.
  • Bit Depth – What it means and why it matters
  • Chroma Sub sampling – 4:4:4, 4:2:2, and 4:2:0, and when it becomes an issue
  • Spatial Compression and Blocking – One of the most common artifacts you see with normal work
  • Temporal Compression – Long-GOP codecs, inter-frame compression, and ALL-I codecs
  • Lossless vs. Lossy compression – How image compression differs from data compression
  • Bit Rate – How to calculate bit rates and the differences between kbps/kBps/Mbps/MBps
  • Raw – Briefly, the difference between Raw, compressed, and uncompressed


 What is this Thing: Electronic View Finder (EVF)
Things Type: Equipment
Link: – Philip Blooimagem discusses the Gratical in his blog. He basically says it’s pretty good and he’s selling his Sony EVF. There’s a video review as well.
Notes: Zacuto has for pre-order their Gratical-HD EVF. Not for the faint of heart at ~ $2900.00 bucks. I have a several Zacuto products (Z-Finder, Z-Finder EVF and a great rig for my FS-700) so I know first hand the quality of their products.

What is this Thing: Equipment Rental
Things Type: Equipment
Notes: ShareGrid is a peer-to-peer renting website that is suppose to make it easier to rent equipment from individuals. Currently it is in closed beta in the L.A. area.

What is this Thing: Insurance
Things Type: Business Practices
Notes: I started looking around last year for insurance – production and gear. This article is a great summary of the options for safe guarding your equipment. I like the link to InsureMyEquipment.Com – $500 dollars a year – pretty good deal.


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