This Week’s “Things” – Week of 1/19/2015

Film Making Process

What is this Thing: 15 Mistakes Beginning Filmmakers Make
Things Type: Education – Filmmaking
Notes: I’m really digging this guys videos. I previously sent out a video Darious did on the three act screen play. Darious maintains a great pace, shows examples and entertains us as he gives good advice on filmmaking. You can catch Darious at his Youtube channel.

Lighting Equipment

What is this Thing: LED Light Ribbon
Things Type: Equipment
imageNotes: I have purchased LED light ribbons in the past, but haven’t used them on a shoot. This site sells higher end LED ribbons – found this site through DP Shane Hurlbut’s website. These ribbons are pricy compared to the LED light ribbons I’ve purchased off Amazon. Without testing I don’t know if they are worth the extra cash – I’m sure they are useful , else Shane’s team wouldn’t use them.


What is this Thing: Four tips for increasing the quality of voice over’s in Adobe Audition.
Things Type: Education – Adobe Audition
Notes: For tips for using Adobe Audition to enhance voice over’s. I use Audition, not exclusively, for a lot of sound enhancing when editing. Here are tips on using hotkeys, equalizing, normalizing and dynamic rendering in Audition.

What is this Thing: Sound Acquisition on Set.
Things Type: Education – Sound Acquisition On Set
Notes: Sound Designer/Mixer Jonah Guelzo discuss on set sound acquisition. Get the sound at the source instead of trying to fix it in post. Good information here, but looks like the information was sponsored by Rhode. I have Rhode equipment and have never had any issues.

What is this Thing: Wireless Transmitter & Receiver.
Things Type: Equipment – Wireless Audio
Notes: Rode announced a new Wireless audio product using 2.4GHz transmission technology. The price on B&H is $ 399.00. HH’s take: I have several Sennheiser wireless transmission and receiving products and haven’t had any issues, but they start at around $ 629.00 for a transmitter/receiver pair. I have Rode microphone products and haven’t had any issues. I wouldn’t rule out 2.4Ghz technology, just need to test it in a real-world environment before you purchase.

Post Production

What is this Thing: After Effects tutorial for creating Animated Polygon Titles.
Things Type: Education – Adobe After Effects
Notes: The Andrew Cramer from video Copilot does a 22 minute tutorial for creating animated polygon titles in After Effects.

Movie Business

What is this Thing: How Are Oscar Nominees Chosen
Things Type: General Information
Notes: This still doesn’t explain why Best Picture is filled with artsy films!!! I just think those voting Producers are F’ing with the general public with their nominations.

Color Correcting/Color Grading

What is this Thing: The best order of operation for Color Grading & Color Correcting
Things Type: Color Grading and Color Correcting
Notes: Noam Kroll discusses the best order of operations for color grading. HH’s take – over the past few years I’ve had to learn how to do color grading and correcting out of necessity since we didn’t have budget for a dedicated colorist. At first I color corrected and graded to fix stupid shooting errors. After getting somewhat functional, you find that color correcting and grading actually gives you another opportunity to add life to the footage. In the future I hope to get on projects that have budget for a dedicated colorist – trust me, they are worth every penny.


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