This Week’s “Things” – Week of 1/26/2015

Films/Projects on The Internet

What is this Thing: Amazing Low Budget Film – Anomalyimage
Things Type: Short Film and Interview with Producer
Short Film Link:
Notes: Noam Kroll interviews Anomaly producer Jens Jacob on the ins and outs of bringing the short film Anomaly the small, small screen.

image What is this Thing: Star Trek, the original series, Fan Project
Things Type: Fan Film/Project
Notes: I sent and email out to my friends and the title of the email was “Fan film gone all crazy and shit.” I’m not exaggerating here. The team that is doing this has nailed the look and feel of the original series. They’ve even managed to get some famous actors from the Star Trek world to participate. Worth looking into!!

Show Running

What is this Thing: How To Create a TV Show from the Ground Up
Things Type: How to… TV Show
Notes: This is a long video, but a good one. Join Jay Kogen (THE SIMPSONS) as he interviews Chris Brancato (FIRST WAVE), Doug Ellin (ENTOURAGE), Andrew Marlowe (CASTLE), Margaret Nagle (SIDE ORDER OF LIFE) and Larry Wilmore (THE BERNIE MAC SHOW) at a Writers Guild Foundation event.


image What is this Thing: Sony FS7 Camera Review
Things Type: Equipment Review
Link: Part 1:
Part 2:
Notes: The Camera Store TV does a review of the Sony FS7.

imageWhat is this Thing: C100 Mark II Camera Review
Things Type: Equipment Review
Notes: Film Riot does a review of the C100 Mark II.

What is this Thing: Moza 32Bit 3 Axis Gimball
Things Type: Equipment imageAnnouncement
Notes: It seems that a new 3-Axis gimbal is coming on the market ever month and here’s another one. It is good to see that the prices are dropping on these gimbals as the market becomes more competitive. This gimbal is priced at $2,245.00 and can support up to a 10lb. camera.

What is this Thing: Prime Lenses for the “up and coming” professional
Things Type: Lens Equipment
Let’s face it… aspiring Cinematographers realize at some point that to get really great images, you have to have 1) skills 2) a camera and 3) great optics! Bumping up to the cine-primes is a big cost – more than or equal to the cost of a really good camera! Unlike cameras, the lens’s will be a lifetime investment. Matthew Duclos reviews cine-primes for the beginner! 😉Cooke Mini S-4i • Zeiss CP.2 Compact Prime • Canon CN-E Prime


What is this Thing: The “Rule of Six” in Film Editing by Walter Murch
Things Type: Editing
Notes: In this short, three minute video, Walter Murch (Oscar winning Editor and Sound Designer) discusses his six rules of video editing.

Camera Techniques

imageWhat is this Thing: 5 Easy Camera Tricks
Things Type: Camera Techniques
Link: Quick Tips- 5 Easy Camera Tricks! – Film Riot
Film Riot, Ryan Connolly goes through 5 easy camera tricks that add production value with little cost or effort.

Color Correcting/Grading

What is this Thing: Using the blend mode in Adobe Premiere Pro
Things Type: Color Correcting
Notes: Good 8 minute video that covers the blend mode in Premiere Pro. The techniques covered might help you recover an over-exposed shot. No, I did not just say “fix it in post.” What I said is that IF you need to fix it in post, this technique “might” save you – might.


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