This Week’s “Things” – Week of 2/2/2015

Production Etiquette

imageWhat is this Thing: How To Work a C-Stand
Things Type: Training
Notes: You would be surprised as to how many people don’t know how to work a C-Stand (“Century”-Stand – look it up on Wikipedia). In this video Shane Hurburt demonstrates how to use it.

Software – Production

What is this Thing: Web Based Production Software
Things Type: Software
Notes: Studio Binder is a pre-release web based software production management tool. When it launches it will provide the ability to do schedules, call sheets and other yet announced features. It will be provided as “freemium” model which means a lot of features will be free, while other features will cost dollars. image


image What is this Thing: KineMINI 4K Camera Review
Things Type: Equipment Review
Notes: What are camera’s in the “Digital World”? In my opinion, from a simplistic point of view today’s cameras are a computer with software and a lens attached. This is changing the landscape and allowing more competitors to create camera equipment. The KineMINI 4K is manufactured by Kinefinity, Inc., a Chinese company. For me, I would have reservations about buying this camera as it is a 4K RAW camera and for independent film makers, the whole 4K pipeline is a lot of extra work. Plus, part of my reservations center around what type of support do you get from Kinefinity in the U.S.? This review does a good job of discussing the post-production pipeline issues that you need to consider before shooting 4K Raw.

imageWhat is this Thing: CAME-8000 Gimbal
 Things Type: Equipment
Link to Demo Video:
Notes: Here’s another gimbal on the market. Came-TV – a Chinese manufacturer – has a line of Gimbals for all sizes of cameras. The image8000 series is their largest capable gimbal. With the price at $ 1,980.00 they are about $ 500.00 less than what I’ve seen the DJI Ronin sell for. As I’ve  told some of my filmmaking buddies I think for long shooting, you will actually need a vest and arm to go along with the gimbal. While at a seminar a few months ago I shot with a Movi M10 and after about 10 minutes you start to become fatigued. Hence why I think you’ll need a vest and support  arm to shoot with a stabilizer for long periods of time. Came-TV also sells a Vest/Arm that can be used on this gimbal unit. AS a side note, I sent a note to Came-TV to see if the 8000 would work with my FS-700 and they told me that it would not.

imageWhat is this Thing: Remote/Robot Camera Operator
Things Type: Equipment
Notes: Something to put on the radar – especially one man shooting people  like me. Here’s a Remote/Robot controlled camera operator. Looks interesting, but the documentation says it can’t be used indoors. It would be a great addition to my live music shooting equipment arsenal. I guess I’ll wait until the indoor unit comes out before I take more of a serious look at it.

What is this Thing: Lens Technical Review – Canon NE-E Primes
Things Type: Equipment – Lens
Notes: Matthew Duclos does an in-depth review of Canon Prime lens technology. If you are technical and want to learn more about these prime lens’s, this is a great resource. He talks to Canon about the development of the primes and then talks to ASC DP’s David Klein and gets their view on the primes.image


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