This Week’s “Things” 2/23/2015


What is this Thing: Camera
image Things Type: Arri Mini
Notes: If you have a lot of money to spend on camera equipment, you might want to look into the new Arri Mini. It’s only around 40K. Just in case you’re interested. 😉

imageWhat is this Thing: Light-Color Meter
Things Type: Sekonic C-700
Notes: I need one of these to take my onset lighting to the next level. I have a iPhone application for my light and color metering, which does pretty good. But, I think I need a dedicated tool, when I can afford it.


What is this Thing: Lighting Manufacturer – Chimera
 Things Type: Equipment > Lights
Notes: I Chimera makes a lot of lighting fixtures and is recommended by Shane Hurlbut. I don’t have any of their products – yet!

Special FX

imageWhat is this Thing: The Demon and the Fall
Things Type: After Effects Tutorial
Notes: The Film Riot dudes take you through a process to do a fake fall from a house and a demon effect.

Music Video of The Week

What is this Thing: Herschel’s MV Pick of the Week
Things Type: Music Video
Notes: This weeks MV of the week is a concept/performance video that I was attracted to because of the cinematography. The Sepia/Black and White and Color Grading all seemed to melt together in a unique coalesce of music and images that seem to work. I wasn’t really hot about the ending though. But sometimes it’s hard to get out of a music video concept cleanly.image


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