This Week’s Things: 3/2/2015


image What is this Thing: Focus Pulling
Things Type: Noam Kroll on focus pulling for the low budget filmmaker.
Notes: Focus pulling is an art by itself. A great focus pull makes your image look like it should. A bad focus pull makes your image look like shit. Noam gives three “hacks” for the low budget filmmaker.

Special FX

What is this Thing: Green Screen
 Things Type: Tutorial > Green Screen
Notes: IYou can never watch too many tutorials on Green Screening until you have a flawless shot using a green screen. The Basic Filmmaker does a pretty darn good 23 minute tutorial. He also has a pretty darn good collection of tools needed and links to buy them. Now you don’t have any excuse not to do great green screen shooting!image

Color Correcting/Grading

What is this Thing: LUTs – Look Up Table
 Things Type: Tutorial > LUTs
Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:
Link 4:
Notes: Yes, it can be confusing to pick up all the technical jargon tossed around these days with video and film production. Take for instance the work “LUT”! If you ever get into the nitty-gritty job of color correcting and grading you’ll most likely have to deal with determining what LUT you want to use. Here are some links to learning more about LUTs. Link 1 is a 3 minute tutorial on what a LUT is and what it does. Link 1 is a product of 30 LUTs you can buy to use in the post production process. Link 3 is a blog that covers LUTs in more details and has a lot of resources that help you get started in using LUTs. Link 4 is about using LUTs in Davinci Resolve.

Music Video of The Week

What is this Thing: Herschel’s MV Pick of the Week
Things Type: Music Video
Notes: I’m really digging Ash von Chamier’s music videos. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a Sony FS700. I like his color gradings and it seems that he has a real good nack of picking artists that have good music. This is just another really good looking and sounding music video. Ash’s Vimeo channel is here – Ash von Chamier.



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