This Week’s Things: 3/16/2015


What is this Thing: How to Light a Campfire Scene
 Things Type: Tutorial > Lighting a Campfire Scene
Link: Vimeo:
Notes: I haven’t had to do firelight yet, but have read several sources/way to do firelight. A more preferred method is to use a flicker on a light so that you don’t have to always worry about the fire itself.

What is this Thing: Light Flickers
 Things Type: Equipment > Flickers
Link: Magic Gadgets 2K Flicker/Dimmer Box: Dimmer Box 2k


What is this Thing: Using a Wacom Pen/Tablet for Editing
 Things Type: Equipment > Mouse Replacment
Notes: I know many artist who use these devices for creating drawings. I didn’t think of using them for actually editing and replacing the mouse. But now, I’m interested. I bet you’d have to commit to changing your approach to editing. The first couple of months would be slower until you got up to speed.image

Film History

What is this Thing: History of Friday the 13th
 Things Type: Interview with FT13th Sean S. Cunningham
Notes: Sean S. Cunningham discusses the history behind the movie Friday the 13th.

Music Video of The Week

What is this Thing: Herschel’s MV Pick of the Week
Things Type: Music Video
Notes: This week’s music video comes to us from a Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss song – Whiskey Lullaby. The problem with this music video is that the song is so strong in telling the story of two people who find love, loose love and eventually kill each other with alcohol in the grief of their breakup. If you’ve never listened to the song before watching the video, the video seems to be pretty good. But if you listened to the song before watching the video, it just doesn’t live up to the images in your mind. Ricky Shroder directed and starred in the music video. I just think he went safe with replicating what the song was saying with its images and the images he put on film. For me it teaches a lesson in music videos that if the song has strong visuals in the story telling, as a lot of country music videos do, then you have to approach the visual story telling differently or else the video will never live up to the song.


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