This Week’s Things: 3/23/2015

Camera Operations

What is this Thing: Tips To Be a Good 1st AC
 Things Type: Operation’s Tips
Notes: It’s always good to hear what other people do on-set.


What is this Thing: Field Monitor
Notes: Looks like a good form factor for run-and-gun situations and it states it will support 3D LUTs. We’ll see what the price is when it comes out. image


What is this Thing: Using a Wacom Pen/Tablet for Editing
 Things Type: Equipment > Mouse Replacment
Notes: I know many artist who use these devices for creating drawings. I didn’t think of using them for actually editing and replacing the mouse. But now, I’m interested. I bet you’d have to commit to changing your approach to editing. The first couple of months would be slower until you got up to speed.


What is this Thing: What is negative fill?
 Things Type: Tutorial > Negative Fill
Notes: Ryan Walters discusses negative fill – a good 5 minutes for anyone learning negative fill.

What is this Thing: Chineese Latern
Things Type: Equipment
Notes: FilmTools.Com has a boatload of equipment and supplies.

What is this Thing: Light Dimmer
Things Type: Equipment
Notes: Impact D1000 Dimmer.

Music Video of The Week

What is this Thing: Herschel’s MV Pick of the Week
Things Type: Music Video
Notes: This week’s music video comes from yours truly. I worked on the MV with my little girl and wife over the past couple months when we had some extra time. I didn’t spend a ton of time on it per se so it isn’t perfect. But, what I was trying to do was to have a fun project to work with my family on. Hope you like it.image 

To Review:

Just keeping a list of things I want to review before really posting them.
Shot Lister –


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