This Week’s Things: 3/30/2015

The Film Business – Law Talk

What is this Thing: What is Work Made For Hire?
 Things Type: Education > Understanding copyright in film
Notes: Many artists don’t care about the nitty gritty business details, which is a huge mistake. It is important as an artist to have a general understanding of copyright law so you know to protect your work of art.


What is this Thing: Canon C300 – Review?
 Things Type: Equipment Review > Canon C300
Notes: I thought it would be good to post an old review of the Canon C300 since Canon is rumored to be releasing the next version (C300 Mark II) of this model during the NAB 2015 show in April. The big rumor is that the new version of C300 will be a 4K camera. the good news is that Canon is trying to move all the old inventory and a C300 Mark I can be had for about $ 6,500 bucks – pretty damn good price. But, if your mind is set on 4K and you don’t need it right now just wait a few weeks and after NAB I’m sure there will be plenty of new 4K at lower price equipment to be had.

Visual FX

What is this Thing: Free Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Software
Things Type: Post Production > Visual FXs
Notes: They say free means crippled. Not so with Black Magic Design productions, such as Resolve (color correcting and grading) BMD purchased eyeon Fusion and has provided a free version as they did with Resolve. I haven’t used Fusion yet, but trust me, I’m going to give it a spin. Here’s a short video that discusses the product –

Cinematography History

What is this Thing: Kubrick’s Lenses
Notes: They say the lens is the heart of the image. In this 12 minute video Joe Dunton, BSC, goes through many of Kubrick’s favorite lenses.

Film Sites

What is this Thing: r3Load.Net
 Things Type: B-Roll and Stuff
Notes: Cool little site where they have lots of B-roll from big films. Now, they say once you see a ton of B-roll it’s all the same – maybe. But, watching B-roll might give some insight on things you can do on your sets.


What is this Thing: What is negative fill?
 Things Type: Tutorial > Negative Fill
Notes: Ryan Walters discusses negative fill – a good 5 minutes for anyone learning negative fill.

What is this Thing: Chineese Latern
Things Type: Equipment
Notes: FilmTools.Com has a boatload of equipment and supplies.

What is this Thing: Light Dimmer
Things Type: Equipment
Notes: Impact D1000 Dimmer.

Music Video of The Week

What is this Thing: Herschel’s MV Pick of the Week
Things Type: Music Video
Notes: This week’s music video is off the beaten path. While listening to Audioslave I tried finding the I am the Highway. I really like the song, but interesting I don’t thingk Audioslave ever made a video. But this girl put together a music video and I really like what she did. I don’t know what movie she used for her imagery, but if you look at the cuts she used it’s very representative of the song and the video has over 800 thousand hits. Just goes to show you that the emotional scenes of this video hit the right mark. Something to be cognizant when creating your own video.

To Review:

Just keeping a list of things I want to review before really posting them.
Shot Lister –


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