This Week’s Things: 10/30/2015


What is this thing: Tangent Ripple – Color Correction Panel
Article Link:
tangent_ripple_control_panelNotes: Doing a lot of color correction/color grading? Want a tactile panel? Here’s an affordable solution. 


What is this thing: Black Magic URSA Mini
Article Link:
Notes: Doing a lot of color correction/color grading? Want a tactile panel? Here’s an affordable solution. URSA-Mini

What is this thing: Artemis Maxima
Article Link:
Notes: Gimbals and Stabilizers are getting better and cheaper. Well, almost cheaper. Here’s a cool G&S but it will set you back 20K or so.Artemis Maxima

What is this thing: Paralinx Video Transmitter and Receiver
Article Link:
Company Website:
Notes: I put together a pretty good Wireless TR/RX for about $ 600.00. However sometimes, you want a vendor complete system and this one is pretty reasonable at $ 1,299.95.paralinx_ace_sdi_combo

Film Making Tips

What is this thing: 10 Lessons on Filmmaking From Wes Anderson
Article Link:
Notes: I’m #6 on the list for a 4.6K URSA mini at Showcase Video in Atlanta, Ga. for a URSA mini. I’m hoping that this will take my capabilities to the next level as a Cinematographer. Here’s a good review of the URSA mini.

What is this thing: Enough Coverage is Enough – Why shooting too much coverage can be a “bad thing”.
Article Link:
Notes: In my experience as a DP I find that Directors who shoot way too much coverage do so because they are not prepared. Shooting too much coverage is usually done by inexperienced Directors during their “learning” projects. Don’t be a Dump-Truck Director. Get the coverage you need and know what coverage you need by preparing before you get onset.

Color Grading/Color Correcting

What is this thing: How to apply a LUT in Premier Pro
Article Link:
Notes: LUTS are cool. Here’s a basic quick tip on apply them in Premier Pro!
Need pre-made LUTS – here’s Rocket Rooster
While you’re looking at LUTS, here’s a quick tutorial on how to Save Lumetri Color Presets within Premiere:

What is this thing: Learn Resolve
Article Link:
Notes: Want to learn Resolve and Color Grading? Here’s list of resources where you can start.


What is this thing: How to Organize Your Digital Film Media
Article Link:
Notes: I have a friend who has the filmmaking “eye” yet he is the worse organizer of his digital media. Some artists just don’t have that attention to detail, especially while doing the edit. They are so concerned with getting the film edited the way they see it that the chaotic mess of the project doesn’t bother them. However, if you ever want to be an effective editor you need to learn how to organize your digital assets. Here’s an article that can help get you started.


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