Things for Today

I try to keep up with all the new gadgets, programs, tools, equipment, cameras – you name it for film making. I just don’t have the extra time to post them all.

So, this year instead of feeling bad about myself, I’ll just post when I have something AND when I have the time. After all, this site is for me? Right?

“Things for Today” will be the header for whatever I found interesting for that day. Simple, no guarantees, and easy to be successful.

Sound Track Composing

Filmstro: Ryan over at Film Riot reviews the Filmstro|Pro soundtrack composition application. Looks pretty cool to me.

Color Correcting

29 Free LUTS: Premium Beat puts together a list of 29 free Look Up Tables (LUTs). You can never have enough LUTs in your pants!!!

Grading Insights From Colorist Patrick Inhofer: Premium Beat interviews colorist Patrick Inhofer

DavVinch Resolve Tip: Use a Color Chart to Match Your Shots
I have a Spider Pro color matching system and let me tell you, they work.


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