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On-Set Job: Script Supervisor

If you’ve only worked on small budget projects or been in a black box you most likely haven’t worked with a Script Supervisor. Ever wonder what a SS does? LightsFilmSchool.Com has a great interview and overview of what a Script Supervisor does on and off set.
Why Your Film Needs a Script Supervisor

Equipment: Camera

I admit it… I love cameras! Although I don’t shoot as much as I’d like due to a busy schedule, I really do appreciate the technology that goes into a modern camera. It is a bled of analog and digitial technologies that records the “here and now” for the future historians. Here’s a in-depth review of the Panasonic AG-DVX200. I have a Panasonic HMC-150 and it is a work horse. I’d buy this camera if I had enough work to justify the purchase.


Equipment: Recorders

Over the past few years the economics of the computer revolution have trickled into the video world. There’s this theory in the computer world called Moore’s Law which simply states advancements in digital electronics such as processor, memory capacity, sensors and even pixel density will double every 18-24 months while prices stay relatively the same.

This observation works well for the patient buyer. As electronics advance, prices of equipment from two years ago start to decline, sometimes rapidly.  Although my explanatino isn’t eliquent or totally concise the bottom line is that camera and camera related electronic/computer equipment will continue to get better and cheaper.

An example is the announcement from Atmost that they are cutting, significantly, the cost of the 4K recorders. Here’s the story from  No Film School.



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