Today’s Things…

Key’ing with Primatte

You never can know enough about doing green screen. In this tutorial Film Riot uses Primatte.


Special Effects – Throwing a Car to Never-Never Land

Lots of goodies on this Film Riot episode. Ryan has a special guest, Sean Mullen, from Rampant Design Tools go through the special effects of pushing a car far far away. Over on the Rampant site they have a 40+ 4K Effects Kit you can get for free.



imageAfter Effect Free Plug-In

From Andrew Kramer over at Video Copilot.Net comes a free Color Vibrance Plug-in. Here’s the link to the Tutorial and Download.





Deadpool Premiere Pro Presets

I like free as in really free. VashiVisuals has some free presets for Premiere that were used on the edit of Deadpool.JarleDeadpoolPremiere-960x578


10 x Must-REad Video Editing Articles

I like the PremiumBeat website. Lots of great material over there besides their stock music business. Here’s a list of 10 must-read video editing articles.


The Four Act Screen Story Structure

Four acts? Isn’t writing a three act story hard enough? Well, here’s an article that puts forth writer’s should be thinking in four acts for film. Since I’ve only started writing, I’m going to give this a lot of thought.


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