Free Editing Tools – Avid Media Composer | First

I’ve been a Premiere user for years because when I started it was what I thought was the best "PC" based editing tool that I could get my hands on.

And then a few years ago Apple screwed the pooch by updating Final Cut Pro for mass appeal while pissing off real editors. That pushed the market to Premiere and editors learned that Premiere is pretty damn good.

The integration of Premiere with After Effects, Audition, Photoshop make it even better.

However, over the last few years Free editing tools have been coming on strong.

For example I think the best Free editing and coloring tool out there is Black Magic’s Davinci Resolve (

The other big time editing tool is Avid Media Composer
Well, now Avid has release a free version of Media Composer, called Media Composer | First.

Media Composer | First has limitations compared to the full version. BUT, if you are wanting to learn Composer so you can get editing jobs that require Composer – here’s your chance.

Here’s the link to the free version –

HOWEVER – I’m sticking with my $49 dollar subscription to the Adobe Suite – all the tools are worth the price of admission…

But if you can’t afford $50 bucks there’s plenty of free tools you can use to create your work of art!


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