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Fujinon Cine Mk50-136 vs Tokina Cine 50-135

I like a well-done lens, camera, light shootout. I like them especially when they aren’t done in a way of saying one piece of equipment is better or inferior to the other because all production equipment has strengths and weaknesses.

Doing camera and lens tests also gives great insight into how you develop the look and feel of your film. And, let’s face it, watching a well-done comparison also saves you a heck of a lot of time because you don’t have to do it yourself! 😉

Shane Hurlbut has done a nice comparison on the Fujinon Cine Mk50-136 and Tokina Cine 50-135. I’ve been a member of his inner circle since he started it up a few years ago. Since I got in at the beginning I pay about $ 7.95 per month. It’s the best education for that money that I have access to.

Here’s a feel for what you get on that membership:

And here’s an article from NoFilmSchool.Com:


Fujinon MK50-135mm @ B&H – $ 3,999.00

Tokina Cinema 50-135mm T3.0 & B&H – $ 3,299.00



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Wireless Follow Focus

I’m in the market for a wireless follow focus. There are a lot of them out there.

Here are a few that I’m looking at:

Silencer Air Wireless

Red Rock Micro

Micro Remote (Wireless):

Ikan Remote Air 2 Dual Channel
Ikan Remote Air Pro

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Darious’s Fastest Way To Learn Camera Lenses

Darious Britt entertains and educates you on the Fastest Way To Learn Camera Lenses

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85 Videos Covering NAB 2017

Nofilmschool published a list of 85 videos they made in covering NAB 2017.

If you couldn’t make it to NAB this is one of the best resources to get the top announcements from the show floor.

Here’s the Youtube playlist:

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Tangent Ripple

Having tactile input while using a color correcting or editing tool can be much more productive than just using a mouse and keyboard. However, getting a tactile device can be expensive.

The Tangent Ripple is a cost effective tactile input device. Here’s a tutorial on using the Tangent Ripple…


Current price is $350.00 at B&H or at your favorite equipment supplier –

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HD Monitor–99$ Bucks

Cinemartin Releases a 7” HD Monitor for 99$ Bucks! I’ve purchased cheap monitors before and to be honest I think I got out of them what I needed from them at the time I could afford them. With technology performance and functions increase and price usually decreases.

This might be a great option and for $99 bucks you just might get out of it more than it costs! Winking smile


Cinemartin website:

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Filter Kits

Every shooter needs some filtering. These three kits are a great start to test with and figure out what best works for you.

Rosco Diffusion Filter Kit (20×24”) – $ 84.22 at B&H

Rosco Color Correction Filter (20×24”) – $ 81.94 at B&H

Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit (20×24”) – $ 97.65 at B&H

Rosco Color Correction Filter Kit (20 x 24

And if you need a frame here is one from Matthews: $ 58.49 at B&H

Matthews Diffusion Frame - 18x24" - Knife


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