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Today’s Things…

Key’ing with Primatte

You never can know enough about doing green screen. In this tutorial Film Riot uses Primatte.


Special Effects – Throwing a Car to Never-Never Land

Lots of goodies on this Film Riot episode. Ryan has a special guest, Sean Mullen, from Rampant Design Tools go through the special effects of pushing a car far far away. Over on the Rampant site they have a 40+ 4K Effects Kit you can get for free.



imageAfter Effect Free Plug-In

From Andrew Kramer over at Video Copilot.Net comes a free Color Vibrance Plug-in. Here’s the link to the Tutorial and Download.





Deadpool Premiere Pro Presets

I like free as in really free. VashiVisuals has some free presets for Premiere that were used on the edit of Deadpool.JarleDeadpoolPremiere-960x578


10 x Must-REad Video Editing Articles

I like the PremiumBeat website. Lots of great material over there besides their stock music business. Here’s a list of 10 must-read video editing articles.


The Four Act Screen Story Structure

Four acts? Isn’t writing a three act story hard enough? Well, here’s an article that puts forth writer’s should be thinking in four acts for film. Since I’ve only started writing, I’m going to give this a lot of thought.


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This Week’s Things: 05/18/2015

3D Software

 What is this thing: Software – 3D Compositing
Article Link:
Notes: Do you want to learn 3d Compositing on an industry standard platform? Nuke now offers a non-commercial, fully functional (almost) version. Have fun learning!image

Post Production

What is this Thing: Post Production Action Element
Things Type: Free post production video elements
Notes: You never can have enough action elements for your post production. Premium Beat has links to 329 free action elements. Go get ‘em!

image What is this Thing: Free HD Design Elements
Things Type: Free post production video elements (4K)
Notes: Love the free “real” video elements.

What is this Thing: Post Production After Effects
Things Type: 10 Free After Effects Assets
Notes: 10 After Effects assets such as preset, plug-ins, effects. Who doesn’t like free?

What is this Thing: Post Production After Effects
Things Type: Free Distortion Kit (template)
Notes: On a roll with the free After Effects templates!

image What is this Thing: Post Production After Effects
Things Type: Free Dynamic Car Gauges (template)
Notes: Rocketstock is giving away a car-gauge template for those street racing projects.

What is this Thing: Video Editing – Premiere
Things Type: Creative Cloud Next – 2015 Release What’s New
Notes: I’ve been an Adobe Premier/AE/Photoshop user for a very long time. Adobe continues to add more features to their suite of video/image editing with every release. A lot of people were upset with Adobe changing their licensing model. There are benefits to the cloud pricing model and there are liabilities. For me, the benefits outweigh the liabilities. I like the fact that I’m paying for the applications a little each month while I’m actually making money using them. The biggest benefit is that as Adobe adds features I get them. This thirty minute video cover in-depth some of the major updates to the next version of Premiere Pro. The second link is a five minute video interview with Patrick palmer of Adobe about some of the new features.image

What is this Thing: Video Editing – Premiere
Things Type: How to Move Audio Keyframe with a Keyboard Shortcut
Notes: I like keyboard shortcuts.

What is this Thing: Video Editing – Premiere
Things Type: Pull Selects Faster
Notes: There is more than one way to work within Premiere. Here’s a good tutorial on how to pull selects from the source monitor.

Video of the Week

The guys over at Film Riot are having a summer of shorts. This month they debut Seth Worley’s short film: Real Gone
Notes: There’s a lot of behind the scenes and general filmmaking goodness over at the FilmRiot.Com website.image

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This Week’s “Things” – Week of 2/16/2015


imageWhat is this Thing: Setting up  a 5.1 Surround Sound in Premiere
 Things Type: Tutorial > Premiere > Sound
Notes: I haven’t done a lot of 5.1 so I found this to be worth while. Now, I think I’ll need to do a project and incorporate 5.1.

image What is this Thing: 15 Premiere Pro tutorials any Premiere Pro editor should watch.
 Things Type: Tutorial > Premiere
: Good review for the experienced editor and a great start for the new editor working with Premiere for the first time.


image What is this Thing: Rod Support System for Cameras/Gimbals
 Things Type: Atlas Camera Support
Notes: I was attending a lighting seminar and got the chance to use a Movi and after about 10 minutes of work my upper body was wore out. Three Axis gimbals bring a new tool to the filmmaker. However, it takes a lot of physical work to use these gimbals. If you have a gimbal, you need a support vest like this one.


What is this Thing: Fake TV
image Things Type: Equipment > Lighting Simulator
Notes: I came across this today and thought it was a good idea for filmmakers. Who wants to setup a real TV if you don’t have to? And for $ 31 bucks, you can’t go wrong.

What is this Thing: Fake Flames
 Things Type: Equipment > Lighting Simulator
Notes: And while we are on the fake lighting equipment, here’s a controller to make any light source flicker like a flame.


Special FX

imageWhat is this Thing: Gun Shot
Things Type: Gun Shot – How To Tutorial
Notes: When you gotta shoot someone on set and don’t want to do a full-on practical effect.




What is this Thing: A very harsh opinion on ready scripts for people.
Things Type: Writing Advice
 Notes: I’ve read a few script myself and I can say that a good story is hard to find. A well-written, good story is even harder to find. If after you read Josh Olsen’s article you still want to be a writer, great! If you are the type of writer who can’t listen to constructive criticism, you might want to do something else for a profession or hobby. Writing, like acting, like directing, like cinematography, like sound design, like the other visual art disciplines is an Art that requires constant development. Even if you are natural born killer writer, you can’t just “phone it in.” You have to develop the muscle. I don’t know if I agree with Josh’s harshness, but hell, he’s in the business at a high level and I’m sure he’s seen way more shitty screen plays than good ones. So, he might have some valid points to make.

What is this Thing: How to write a screenplay in 60 slides
Things Type: Writing Advice
 Notes: Victor Pineiro creates 69 slides that help explain how to write a screenplay. Even if you aren’t a writer, the slides are a good review on story structure.

Music Video of The Week

What is this Thing: Herschel’s MV Pick of the Week
Things Type: Music Video
Notes: We all need a break from equipment, editing tips, lens reviews and the whole process of making films. My MV of the week pick this week comes from a group called Rival Sons. This video was posted in May of 2011. I’m not sure from what source I got it – who cares? The video is one of the best “performance” music videos out there. A “performance” video is where the band “performs” for the camera as opposed to “story/concept” videos where a concept/story is being told during the video. The editing of this video is just off the chain. The cuts between each location keeps the pace of the video moving forward. With over 2.5 million views on Youtube I’d say this is a hit of a video.


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