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Things for Today

I try to keep up with all the new gadgets, programs, tools, equipment, cameras – you name it for film making. I just don’t have the extra time to post them all.

So, this year instead of feeling bad about myself, I’ll just post when I have something AND when I have the time. After all, this site is for me? Right?

“Things for Today” will be the header for whatever I found interesting for that day. Simple, no guarantees, and easy to be successful.

Sound Track Composing

Filmstro: Ryan over at Film Riot reviews the Filmstro|Pro soundtrack composition application. Looks pretty cool to me.

Color Correcting

29 Free LUTS: Premium Beat puts together a list of 29 free Look Up Tables (LUTs). You can never have enough LUTs in your pants!!!

Grading Insights From Colorist Patrick Inhofer: Premium Beat interviews colorist Patrick Inhofer

DavVinch Resolve Tip: Use a Color Chart to Match Your Shots
I have a Spider Pro color matching system and let me tell you, they work.


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This Week’s Things: 07/27/2015

Video Storage

 What is this thing: How much storage will I need for a video project?
Article Link:
Notes: A friend of mine is going to be shooting a low-budget feature on a Red Epic and needed to know how much storage he needed. I told him there’s an answer for everything on the Internet and sure enough I found a nifty calculator someone created. It looks pretty close just doing some tests.image


 What is this thing: Make Clip Replacement Faster in Premiere
Article Link:
Notes: Short cut tutorial on how to replace clips fast in Premiere.

What is this thing: 8 Audition Tutorials Every Editor Should Watch
Article Link:
Notes: Audition is a powerful sound editing package and for video editors it can be daunting to get started with. Here are eight tutorials that can help you get started with Audition.

What is this thing: Print Your Own Premiere Pro Keyboard shortcuts
Article Link:
Notes: Good resource for shortcut memorization.

Color Grading

What is this thing: Premier Pro CC 2015 Lumertri Color Panel
Article 1 Link:
Article 2 Link:
Notes: This is a great time in the NLE market. Adobe and Davinci are putting more and more features into their products to win the heart and minds of the film and video makers. Here’s a 16 minute tutorial on the new Lumetri Color Panel in Premiere Pro CC 2016.

Filming Techniques

What is this Thing: 7 Hollywood Camera Techniques
Things Type: Educational
Notes: The Dolly Zoom (Trombone Shot), The Low Angle Trunk Shot, Dutch Angle, The Close Up, The Whip Pan, One Point Perspective, Long Tracking Shots

Equipment Review

What is this Thing: Self Leveling Ball Head Adapter
Things Type: Equipment – Tripod
Product Link:
Product Review:
Notes: Although I don’t own one of these at the moment I will be buying one for one of my older tripods that don’t have a leveling ball.image

Visual Special Effects

What is this Thing: 8 Ways to Create Digital Distortion in After Effects
Things Type: Educational
Notes: Sometime you need to distort your footage to tell the story. This article discusses eight ways to do it.

Stock Video Effects

imageWhat is this Thing: Video Effects
Things Type: Stock Video Effect
Notes: I don’t buy stock effects or stock video unless I really have a need and then I go out and look through available content. Although I have to write down suppliers so that I can review their type of work so when the need arises I can go and find what I need.

Lens Basic

What is this Thing: Basics of Focal Length
Things Type: Tutorial on focus lengths
Notes: A little goofy, basic description of focal length.

Video of the Week

Portal– a short film by Ryan Connolly and his Film Riot team created this short film to show off the abilities of the Hit Film editing application.
Short Link:
Making of:
Aerial Foot and Sound Design How To:


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This Week’s “Things” – Week of 1/19/2015

Film Making Process

What is this Thing: 15 Mistakes Beginning Filmmakers Make
Things Type: Education – Filmmaking
Notes: I’m really digging this guys videos. I previously sent out a video Darious did on the three act screen play. Darious maintains a great pace, shows examples and entertains us as he gives good advice on filmmaking. You can catch Darious at his Youtube channel.

Lighting Equipment

What is this Thing: LED Light Ribbon
Things Type: Equipment
imageNotes: I have purchased LED light ribbons in the past, but haven’t used them on a shoot. This site sells higher end LED ribbons – found this site through DP Shane Hurlbut’s website. These ribbons are pricy compared to the LED light ribbons I’ve purchased off Amazon. Without testing I don’t know if they are worth the extra cash – I’m sure they are useful , else Shane’s team wouldn’t use them.


What is this Thing: Four tips for increasing the quality of voice over’s in Adobe Audition.
Things Type: Education – Adobe Audition
Notes: For tips for using Adobe Audition to enhance voice over’s. I use Audition, not exclusively, for a lot of sound enhancing when editing. Here are tips on using hotkeys, equalizing, normalizing and dynamic rendering in Audition.

What is this Thing: Sound Acquisition on Set.
Things Type: Education – Sound Acquisition On Set
Notes: Sound Designer/Mixer Jonah Guelzo discuss on set sound acquisition. Get the sound at the source instead of trying to fix it in post. Good information here, but looks like the information was sponsored by Rhode. I have Rhode equipment and have never had any issues.

What is this Thing: Wireless Transmitter & Receiver.
Things Type: Equipment – Wireless Audio
Notes: Rode announced a new Wireless audio product using 2.4GHz transmission technology. The price on B&H is $ 399.00. HH’s take: I have several Sennheiser wireless transmission and receiving products and haven’t had any issues, but they start at around $ 629.00 for a transmitter/receiver pair. I have Rode microphone products and haven’t had any issues. I wouldn’t rule out 2.4Ghz technology, just need to test it in a real-world environment before you purchase.

Post Production

What is this Thing: After Effects tutorial for creating Animated Polygon Titles.
Things Type: Education – Adobe After Effects
Notes: The Andrew Cramer from video Copilot does a 22 minute tutorial for creating animated polygon titles in After Effects.

Movie Business

What is this Thing: How Are Oscar Nominees Chosen
Things Type: General Information
Notes: This still doesn’t explain why Best Picture is filled with artsy films!!! I just think those voting Producers are F’ing with the general public with their nominations.

Color Correcting/Color Grading

What is this Thing: The best order of operation for Color Grading & Color Correcting
Things Type: Color Grading and Color Correcting
Notes: Noam Kroll discusses the best order of operations for color grading. HH’s take – over the past few years I’ve had to learn how to do color grading and correcting out of necessity since we didn’t have budget for a dedicated colorist. At first I color corrected and graded to fix stupid shooting errors. After getting somewhat functional, you find that color correcting and grading actually gives you another opportunity to add life to the footage. In the future I hope to get on projects that have budget for a dedicated colorist – trust me, they are worth every penny.

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This Weeks “Things” – Week of 12/29/2014

Sorry this weeks “things” list is pretty long. I’m going back through email that I’ve sent out to fellow filmmakers and putting the good stuff in the blog for historical accuracy.

Hope you find something useful! And I’m putting some visual clues on the list so you can easily see what a link is associated to so you don’t have to read about “Cinematography” if your not into that…


Multiple Disciplines

What is this Thing: 10 Free Favorite Film Making Resources on the Internet – a Film Riot list
Things Type: Multiple Disciplines
Time To Watch: 6:49
Notes: I’m a big fan of Film Riot ( Ryan and crew do a great job of entertaining and educating budget minded aspiring film makers. Film Riot recently did a year-end 10 Favorite Educational Resources on the Internet. The video is packed with websites that will make you a better film maker.

Of the 10 Educational Resources, these are the ones I already use:

I need to check these other ones out and post my thoughts…


What is this Thing: Robby Muller – Cinematography Master Class
Things Type: Cinematography
Time To Watch: 22:36
Notes: Lots to learn from this, both practical and relational between the DoP and Director. I like how Robby states he doesn’t shoot a project unless he has some attachment to the material. He doesn’t just shoot to shoot something.

What is this Thing: Shooting Green Screen Tips and Techniques
Things Type: Cinematography
Time To Watch: 4:37
Notes: Director/Cinematographer Matthew Rosen explains his tricks and secrets on shooting chroma keys.

What is this Thing: DoP Ryan Booth Discusses Directing and Cinematography
Things Type: Cinematography
Time To Watch: 13:31
Notes: Great interview with Cerial Box Director/DoP Ryan Booth on the process of shooting lower budget project. Very good attitude about how to work with low budgets and how to do multi-camera music performance shooting.


What is this Thing: Premiere Pro Quick Tip: Copying multiple effects from one clip to another
Things Type: Editing
Notes: Quick tutorial on how to copy effects from one clip to another in Premiere Pro

What is this Thing: Editing Unbroken
Things Type: Editing
Notes: Co-editors of the film Unbroken, Tim Squyres and Billy Goldenberg discuss the ins and outs of co-editing a film. HH’s take – really interesting snippets on the editing process and how to get feedback during the process. I like the quotes:

Over time you get jaded about a scene and it’s easy to fool yourself. Often, your emotional responses the first time you see the footage and the first time you put it together are quite accurate.” He paused, laughing.”The other thing is to show it to people. If there’s a joke and nobody laughs, it doesn’t matter. It’s not funny. If they laugh, it’s working.

Strangely comforting that the screening process never becomes easier, even for Oscar-caliber editors.

Sound Design

What is this Thing: The Sound of Interstellar
Things Type: Sound Design
Time To Watch: 8:00
Notes: Interview with Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King about the sound teams extensive work on Director Christopher Nolan’s immersive sci-fi film Interstellar.

Script Writing

What is this Thing: Three Act Story Structure
Things Type: Script Writing
Time To Watch: 11:53
Notes: Darrious Britt does a pretty damn good job at covering the Three Act Story Structure.

What is this Thing: 13 classic scenes that explain how horror movies work
Things Type: Script Writing
Notes: Todd VanDerWerff writes about 13 class horror-movie scenes that explain how to make your horror movie work.

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