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Today’s Things…

Key’ing with Primatte

You never can know enough about doing green screen. In this tutorial Film Riot uses Primatte.


Special Effects – Throwing a Car to Never-Never Land

Lots of goodies on this Film Riot episode. Ryan has a special guest, Sean Mullen, from Rampant Design Tools go through the special effects of pushing a car far far away. Over on the Rampant site they have a 40+ 4K Effects Kit you can get for free.



imageAfter Effect Free Plug-In

From Andrew Kramer over at Video Copilot.Net comes a free Color Vibrance Plug-in. Here’s the link to the Tutorial and Download.





Deadpool Premiere Pro Presets

I like free as in really free. VashiVisuals has some free presets for Premiere that were used on the edit of Deadpool.JarleDeadpoolPremiere-960x578


10 x Must-REad Video Editing Articles

I like the PremiumBeat website. Lots of great material over there besides their stock music business. Here’s a list of 10 must-read video editing articles.


The Four Act Screen Story Structure

Four acts? Isn’t writing a three act story hard enough? Well, here’s an article that puts forth writer’s should be thinking in four acts for film. Since I’ve only started writing, I’m going to give this a lot of thought.


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This Week’s Things: 09/10/2015

Sorry, I’ve been AWAL in posting to this site. It’s not for lack of material. I’ve been busy and just have a backlog of items to post.


What is this thing: Canon EOS 8K Camera – Prototype
Article Link:
Notes: This is a monster of a prototype. Canon is showing off an 8K EOS based camera. This prototype has a teeny tiny use case… Most productions could use it as it sits. I’m sure over the next year or so Canon will reduce the size and make it more useful. In today’s technology driven camera market, Canon has to throw this out to the perspective camera buyers to entice the customer to “wait” for the 8K camera to come out. It’s an old, but effective strategy (ploy) to keep a perspective buyer from going with say a Red Weapon Dragon.


What is this thing: Zeiss Announces New Line of Primes
Article Link:
Notes: Reasonably priced new line of primes that is 4K capable and targeted for S35 to Full Frame sized sensors.


What is this thing: SLR Magic Announces a set of 2:1 anamorphic cinema primes
Article Link:
Notes: For certain project anamorphic is so cool. Remember those 70mm western from the 60’s? That’s the kind of cinematic effect we are talking about. these lens are optimized for micro 4/3rd sensors. There are some options out there for Super 35MM.


On Set Data Management

What is this thing: Data Wrangling…
Article Link:
Notes: The article specifically discusses 5 on set data management tips for Blackmagic camera users. However, tip #5 really is a great piece of advice for everyone and so I copied it here.

The data from a shoot is the most important bit. That’s what you are paid for. If it’s lost or damaged, all the other costs would have been money thrown away. So it’s really important that the data is backed up and verified. Simply using the Explorer (Win) or Finder (Mac) to copy the files is not secure enough. Data could be lost in the process.

You really want to do CheckSum verification on any back-up you make and make multiple back-ups. Three copies is ideal, two is the minimum. Give one copy to the Producer before you leave the set so that all the data is not in the same place.

I use Imagine Products ShotPut Pro on the Mac. They now offer a Windows version too. You could also use Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve’s Media Clone tool, as it too does CheckSum verification (added in Resolve 11). Other tools you might want to consider: RAW 4 PRO with Backup Champion (PC) or Pomfort ClipHouse (Mac). Both of those also offer tools to color correct and transcode your RAW files.

Red Giant also has a product for offloading video:

Stock Footage

What is this thing: Free 4K Stock Footage – yea, as in FREE
Article Link:
Notes: Sometime things are not “too good to be true.” Mitch Martinez is indeed providing access to 1500 free 4K clips. And then there’s other free 4K stock footage as well.

Visual Special FX

What is this thing: Prolost Handcrank for After Effects
Article Link:
Notes: You never know when you need to dirty up and crazy out the footage to disorient your audience. Here’s a very reasonably priced plug in – $ 14.00. And the fellow at the Prolost site is a Visual FX artist and has a few other very reasonably priced plug-ins.

Cloud Storage – Project Collaboration

What is this thing: A cloud-base storage, transfer and collaboration service
Article Link:
I do a lot of collaboration. The problem with file transfer is I mostly transfer rendered finish drafts or final edits. Here’s another service to help do more collaboration and not just transfers. I haven’t used the service so I can’t say if it is worth the monthly cost to get enough storage to matter. If I had a lot of volume I might look into this service as an option. For now, I’ll stick with Dropbox, WeTransfer and Youtube to do all these activities..

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