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Equipment: Lens

Next to cameras being my favorite piece of equipment, I really dig lens’s! A lens is the eye to the soul of humanity. And, unlike the human eye, a lens can be used to concentrate all focus on one element of our existence.

The problem with lens’s is that the good ones are freaking expensive. Luckily, as with camera technologies, there are more options coming onto the market for us struggling cinematographers. Although I’d love to have an affair with a set of Zeiss Compact Price CP.2’s, I’ve been slowly buying “economical” glass from Rokinon.

Over the past few year Rokinon has emerged as a lower cost alternative to the high priced cinema (cin) lenses. Matthew Duclos has some good write-ups on the state of Rokinon.

Start here: Are Rokinon Primes Right For you?
Then here: Rokinon, Cine, Cine DS, and Xeen – What’s the Difference?
And then Rokinon announced two new lens in their Xeen Primes.


But I’ll hold out for a set of Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2’s… One Day!


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